Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Project Round-Up--10/16/2013

Sorry for the lack of updates.  I got a bad cold last month that I am still getting over, and I learned from a disaster with a lace knit scarf that crafting and illness don't mix.  Once I was feeling better and more energetic, I was able to complete some cross-stitching on my Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery Woodland Sampler.

This is my favorite block so far.  The hedgehogs are adorable, and it really helped me get into the autumn spirit when we were experiencing a 100F heatwave in September.
The pattern calls this adorable owl "Oliver," but my husband has named him "Hootie."  I really like the design of the oak leaves.

The ladies behind Frosted Pumpkin have started a Facebook group for fans.  There's a lack of forums on the internet to discuss hand embroidery and cross-stitch, especially with more modern designs, so I've enjoyed having a place where people can post pictures of their projects and get advice on materials and technique.  We have even gotten sneak peeks of upcoming patterns!

It looks like the next year of seasonal samplers will be holiday-specific.  Halloween is not really my thing (I don't care for holidays that require you to find a raucous party) and I am not interested in the Christmas patterns for obvious reasons.  That gives me time to finish up the previous seasonal samplers and look forward to the 2014 yearly sampler.

Other updates:
  • I was avoiding the Satin Stitch sampler from Drop Cloth while I finished the Frosted Pumpkin squares.  I started that, but I am also working on the Cross Stitch sampler to satisfy my need to finish an embroidery sampler quickly.  (As I will discuss soon, satin stitch is slooooooow.)
  • I have finished the stitching on a project I wrote about previously and will be posting pictures soon.  In order to really showcase its beauty I have been trying to get good pictures of it, but the autumn clouds and the poor lighting in my apartment are making that difficult.
  • As part of a fundraiser I organized, I raffled off the chance for the winner to receive their favorite quote embroidered by me.  I'm really excited to work with the winner, who just sent me the quote she wants.


  1. Great blog, as always.

  2. Love the hedgehogs and the owl. Liked the comment on how the crafting puts you in mind of the autumn season. Would like a blog entry on how the crafting helps people through difficult times, as you mentioned illness.