Monday, January 27, 2014

Framing Day

On Thursday, I framed all of the original projects I have made so far.  My friend Cassie took time out of her busy schedule to help me.

I love the look of framing embroidery in the hoop, and it is much more economical than buying a frame or getting it framed professionally.  It seemed easy, yet I was afraid to actually do it for a while.  What if I tried, and damaged my beautiful embroidery?  It is a fear that a lot of beginning stitchers have.

We tried to use fabric glue, but the kind I bought did not work well in attaching fabric to wood or metal.  We ended up using a hot glue gun--on the low setting, and in small amounts.  I think the result works beautifully, and I am sure that it will get easier the more times I do it.  We also glued ribbon around the outer hoop for a final decorative touch.

I just hung the pieces in this spot to take pictures.  I will need to find a permanent spot for my Cymbeline quote.

For the Winnie the Pooh quote, I felt that the piece did not need very much embellishment since the fabric is very busy.  I just added some straight stitches to one cluster of leaves, herringbone stitch for texture on a branch, and French knot eyes on the birds.  The ribbon on the outside is red and white striped.

Once it gets warm enough for me to leave the house without risking frostbite, I will ship the piece to its final destination.  I hope the woman I made this for is pleased with the final product.  I am going to auction off another embroidered quote at an event soon, and I can't wait to find out what I will be working on next.

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