Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Project Round-Up--7/8/2014

Nothing much happening except some diligent stitching.

My polar bear is in the home stretch, with the scarf and small flowers completed.

I originally thought I could do the scarf in a variegated thread, but the lessons specifically called for picking out three threads of one color in dark, medium, and light values.  By using these colors in satin stitch, it gives the scarf a "rounded" appearance, as if the light is hitting the scarf in a certain way.  The result actually looks like a scarf, and not some sort of Elizabethan white ruff that everyone thought it was before it was completed.  

If you look at this closeup picture, you can see some light white threads stitched over the scarf, as if some fur is poking out over the scarf.  I love how this gives the polar bear a slightly scruffy appearance.

Just this morning, I finished the next square of the Once Upon a Time Sampler.  This month is Thumbelina.  I guess that means Hans Christian Andersen stories are a possibility.  Hopefully they won't chose "The Little Match Girl" for December . . .

She is sitting in a walnut shell.  I got a lot of good practice with backstitching, which is often used in more complex cross-stitch patterns.

I can't believe it is over halfway done!  Now is when I start wondering what the Frosted Pumpkins will go with for a theme next year . . .

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