Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Moments of Embroidery Awesome

Yes, I know that I've been posting infrequently.  I don't want to leave my dear readers hanging, but I can't reveal the details yet.

I can tell you that part of what has been occupying my time is that I have been directing a production of Henry V for high school students.  The show went up at the beginning of the month, and my kids were amazing!  It's traditional for the cast to chip in and get a gift for the director.  In this case, my stage manager (and fellow stitcher) gave me a piece of embroidered art!  She stitched the names of all of the cast members on linen next to a bunny.  I believe the bunny is a reference to our favorite group game we would play for energy.  DON'T LOOK IT UP.  It will get in your head and never leave.  Anyway, I nearly cried when she presented it to me in front of the cast.

People are finding so many inventive ways to use embroidery--even animation!  One duo used embroidery to create an animated music video of "Chad Gadya," the song that traditionally closes the Passover seder.

Sure, it's machine embroidery, but I can forgive them because it looks awesome.  You can read more about their process on this blog.

What are you using embroidery for today?

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