Thursday, September 24, 2015

Back in St. Olaf

I have so many projects that need to be completed (more on that in my next post).  Maybe I felt the need for a short project to get me through a long one, like a cup of sherbet used as a palate cleanser in the middle of a multi-course meal.  Maybe it's because I've been watching The Golden Girls much more than I used to.  (It's the only show that seems guaranteed to be on 24 hours a day on at least one channel.)  I used to watch it on Saturday nights with my mom, along with spin-offs Empty Nest and Nurses.  I still remember the night when they did a massive cross-over event centered on a hurricane hitting Miami . . .

Anyway, I finished this piece in a week.

I stitched this on a piece of oatmeal-colored aida cloth that came pre-stretched on a frame.  Michaels is selling them in packs of three.  They seemed like the perfect background for stitching a quick project or gift.  I love the way the finished product looks, but working on it was sometimes tricky.  The biggest issue was that they did not sand down the wood frame enough, and I was close to getting splinters from it.  If I use them again, I will have to get some sandpaper.

The pattern comes from Wee Little Stitches.  Their specialty is patterns of "pixel people" versions of characters from movies and TV shows.  I have a few of their patterns on file that I want to make as gifts for people.

This one is for my parents' friend and neighbor, Laura.  Laura and her husband have been my parents' neighbors for decades--even through several moves!  Their daughters were some of my best friends growing up, and I have so many fond (if nonsensical) memories of our families getting together.

My mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year.  Her prognosis was good, but she would still need to go through treatment.  Laura was a big source of help and cheer during this time, which put my mind at ease when I couldn't come in from far away.  I wanted to show Laura my appreciation, and she is a big Golden Girls fan, so this seemed like a natural gift.  It will also last longer than cheesecake . . .

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