Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Project Round-Up--5/27/2014

I finished the last class of my certificate program.  My university-centered job has started its summer lull.  We just got back from a relaxing beach vacation.

You know what that means, don't you?


Now, all of this free time to craft can be too much of a good thing.  Without precautions in place, the day might come where my husband will come home to find me unconscious, buried under a pile of craft supplies.  In order to make sure that I give each project the attention it deserves, I am utilizing the power of HabitRBG to keep me on track.  I set up my first negative habit--from now on, I will lose points if I start a new project when I already have a work-in-progress in that category (knitting or embroidery.)

So far, I have finished the April and May squares for the Once Upon a Time Sampler.

April--Goldilocks and the Three Bears
May--Jack and the Beanstalk

I like the Beanstalk square because Jack looks just like my nephew!

Other updates:
  • The Torah mantle I've been working on is a lot more challenging than I expected.  It is made out of a white satiny fabric with a floral pattern woven in.  This fabric was meant for wedding dresses.  That makes it difficult to stitch on--it's like I have to do embroidery on top of satin stitch.  I'm having to adapt the design I was planning to do by changing the stitches and ways that I transfer the pattern onto the fabric.
  • My end of the year tasks have delayed my ability to start the polar bear pattern for my class, but I plan on starting after I work on the Torah mantle.

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