Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Get Your Fiber

I'm always trying out new ways to be productive in my stitching to see what sticks.  My newest idea was to designate specific days of the week for specific types of projects:

Sunday-Tuesday:  Other cross-stitch projects
Wednesday-Friday:  Frosted Pumpkin projects
Saturday:  Original embroidery projects (which progress much faster)

I got the idea from someone who said they have a different WIP to work on every day of the month.  That sounds like it would kill better stitchers than me, but I was intrigued by the idea of scheduling projects.  It has enough variety where I would not get fatigued working on one project exclusively, but would allow for enough time on each individual project to make real progress.  I followed this plan for a week and was pleased with the results.

Then Frosted Pumpkin released an amazing new pattern, and the new schedule went south.

The new pattern is Fibery Friends, an alphabet sampler with a fiber arts theme.  They designed it as an exclusive pattern to sell at Stitches West, a big fiber arts expo.  The border features projects (mittens and socks), tools (knitting needles, spinning wheel), and our favorite animals for yarn (sheep, angora bunny).  It even has a penguin, because PENGUINS NEED SWEATERS!*

In addition to combining my love for both embroidery and knitting in the most adorable way possible, I was also intrigued by the design.  The suggested fabric is bright pink, with thread colors in muted cool tones.  I couldn't wait to see how it stitched up.  I was SO motivated that, working on it exclusively, I completed it in a record 10 days!  

Year of the Sheep
My schedule idea has its place when I have a few projects going that need roughly equal levels of attention.  If, however, I feel really excited about working on one special project, I shouldn't feel shame in riding that wave of passion while it lasts.

*Disclaimer:  Penguins do not actually need sweaters, no matter how many times your aunt shares that article with you on Facebook.

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  1. that is just adorable! 10 days to complete, wow, your needle must have been on fire!