Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Story Time Sampler: April

For the Frosted Pumpkin yearly sampler, I've been wondering what book would be covered for my birth month.  I was excited by the answer--The Wonderful Wizard of Oz!

Last November, I won a pack of Kreinik metallic thread in the &Stitches contest.  It looked beautiful, but I couldn't figure out the best way to use it.  This was the perfect opportunity.  Dorothy's ruby slippers and Emerald City called for a little bling.  Metallic thread can be a huge pain to work with, but I've picked up some tips to make it more manageable.

"And your little dog, too!"

One of my favorite memories of high school was the day in AP US History when we watched the movie synced up with Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.  Mr. Bolos claimed we were doing this because the novel was an allegory for 1890's populism, but who were we kidding?  It was just an excuse to have fun!

When I look at the sparkly thread, it makes me think of my favorite sync moment.  When Dorothy opens the door of her house, the appearance of colorful Oz coincides with the cash register sounds at the start of "Money."

This post is dedicated to my mom.  Even though she has hated the movie since she was a child, I hope my stitching provides her some cheer today!

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